iFoil in Color - Volume 1 - with Adrienne Rogers

Features two advanced techniques:
Color Scoop  &  Petal Spray. Both techniques allow for customization so that you can really product something that is individualized for each client. Color Scoop is a great option for a partial highlight. This technique results in beautiful sweeps of color throughout the top of the head and around the face. Petal Spray is perfect for hair that needs added dimension. The mixture of strong and soft color design creates petals of brightness that shift throughout the hair. Adrienne also shares her experiences and discusses several topics such as the importance color plays in our everyday lives and professionalism.

Running Time: Approximately 65 minutes.

About the Educator:

Adrienne Rogers has developed a broad range of experience during her 17 years in the beauty industry. She is a senior colorist at Cutler Salon SOHO in New York City. The Cutler salon team designs color for hundreds of models and Adrienne’s work has been featured in various Glamour Magazine makeovers.

Salon Cost $69.95

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