Hands-On Classes

Learn the latest techniques to keep color interesting for you and your clients! Product Club offers a variety of classes through our distributor partners.

Hand-on classes
Product Club introduces.The Art of Highlighting
Celebrating Haircolor as an Artform

You may not have thought about haircolor as an artform in the past, but Product Club's new class will encourage you to do just that. Art is the use of skill and imagination to create and that's what you do with each and every client. Product Club's classes will not only enhance your highlighting skills with exciting new techniques they will also inspire and awaken your imagination.

Class Overview:
Creative interpretations of highlighting techniques from Product Club's Art of Highlighting Collection will free you from your old foiling methods. This class includes three haircoloring techniques plus a segment on styling with foil. Techniques include adaptations of techniques found on the Art of Highlighting DVDs.  "Ray Lights" is a twist on the traditional balayage that's less messy and creates an incredible result. The "Crescent Panels" technique was inspired by a current fashion trend and the need to give clients versatility with their hair. And "Switchback Sets" is a highlight technique that offers a great way to add dimension that results in an effortless fusion of color. Express yourself, open up your mind and get inspired to be creative again!

Hand-on classes

Hand-on classes
Beyond Basic Foiling – Inspirational techniques that will allow you to expand your menu of color services!

If you are relatively new to highlighting or you’ve been stuck in a rut of using the same techniques over and over again, this is the class for you. The techniques taught in this class are adaptations of those found on our Beyond Basic Foiling DVD Collection.

Classes will include Color Streaming which creates an effect where color illuminates from the inside out. This technique is a great way to accent a haircut and give it that extra sparkle.

The Pinwheel Technique is very versatile and uses two color formulas in each foil resulting in an ombré effect. This class will inspire you with new ideas to “create” with foil and go far beyond basic foiling.

Hand-on classes
iFoil in Color

Raising the bar for professional colorists. This class is taught exclusively by Adrienne Rogers and she shares her experiences and discusses topics such as the importance color plays in our everyday lives, what she believes leads to success as a colorist and the importance of professionalism.

Class also includes adaptations of two techniques from the iFoil in Color DVD – Color Scoop & Petal Spray. Color Scoop is a great option for a partial highlight and results in beautiful sweeps of color throughout the top of the head and the face. Petal Spray is perfect for hair that needs added dimension. The mixture of strong and soft color design creates petals of brightness that shift throughout the hair. Both techniques allow for customization so you can really produce something that is individualized for each client.