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Color Melting | The Art of Seamlessly Blending Hair Color
by Amanda Lenz, Product Club Educator

Do you love melted, dimensional hair color? You know the kind I’m talking about- where the end of one color and the start of another is seamless and soft. The sort of hair color that you know will look as beautiful when it’s growing in as the day you did it. Color melting is a great option for blending two or three hair colors, or blending highlights with a base color to achieve a “melted” result that is effortless, low maintenance, and grows out beautifully.

Color melting diffuses the desired colors together while removing lines of demarcation. When it comes to creating dimensional hair color, colorists have endless combinations of shades and a variety of techniques to use with color melting. There are tricks to achieving that perfect blend of color, and one of my most successful techniques includes using my favorite hair color tool - the Product Club Color Comb. This process can be performed on both dry hair or wet hair using permanent hair color, lightener, and when glazing and toning.


Color Melting is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

You may decide to process a base color and apply a brighter permanent color or fashion shade on the ends or in panels. You can also play around with putting lightener on the mid-to-end sections while the base color is processing. Maybe you have a blonde client that you are applying a deeper root color on and want to carry some of that color down into the midstrands. I view these situations as great opportunities to use the Color Comb to your advantage. It is a great hair color tool that helps to blend color down through the hair, while avoiding the blobs of color that a regular hair color brush can leave behind. Blending this way speeds up your color applications and ensures ideal saturation.

Photo courtesy of @seanmichaelhair


How to Use the Color Comb for Color Melting

Color Melting for Brunettes

My favorite time to use the Color Comb is when I am applying a glaze at the shampoo bowl. For soft color creations, I use two different glaze formulas. If I am highlighting a brunette, at the shampoo bowl I will apply an on-level glaze about a quarter of the way down the hair length. I then take a lighter formula (typically one that will soften brassy tones) and I apply that formula where I left off with my on-level glaze. Once they are both applied, I used my comb in sections starting in the back to melt the deeper tone into the highlight tone, working up towards the face.

Color Melting for Blondes

Using the same theory for blondes is a great way to buffer out that little 1/4” line of demarcation that hair foils can leave behind. I love  mini applicator bottles for this process. By using a mini bottle to create just a smudge of a true level 9 glaze throughout the root, and then a level 9 with clear throughout the rest of the hair, I can once again softly blend with the color comb from the roots into the midstrands to achieve an organically blended blonde hair color that will grow in naturally and effortlessly.

How Does the Color Comb Work?

So how does the Color Comb work its magic? The comb is made with a textured roller in the base of the comb’s teeth, which helps to distribute the color evenly as you comb through hair. The roller is removable and easy to wash after each use. My favorite pro-tip for using the comb to melt and blend hair color is to hold the ends of the hair to maintain tension, and then apply pressure on the roller at the base of the comb while you move it through each section. This allows the hair color to roll through strands of hair and blend everything seamlessly.

Whatever hair color tools you choose to use, color melted hair is a beautifully blended marriage of dimensional color that your clients will love. It is completely customizable to any hair color, length, and texture, making it an increasingly popular trend in salons today.  

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