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Hair Color Techniques

Kick Off Summer with Sun-Kissed, Sandy Blonde Hair
By Amanda Lenz, Product Club Educator (@hairstorybyamanda)

For many people, the summer invokes feelings of beach, sun, sand, and all the happy feels that come along with it. With that in mind, this warm and bright season often provides inspiration for change with a client’s hair color.

Sandy blonde is a common, but vague description of blonde hair that is often requested by clients. These descriptive words usually don’t visually translate to the same thing from person to person. One person’s beige can be another person’s ash, which is why a thorough consultation is always a successful first step. Variations of a sandy blonde shade can be endless and customizable.

Cool tones, neutral tones, and warm tones can all equally play a part in the interpretation of a sandy blonde. The most visually appealing versions of a sandy blonde are often achieved by creating depth or dimension using combinations and placements of various cool, neutral, and warm tones.

Suggestions for Achieving a Sandy Blonde Shade

Let’s say a regular highlight client is coming in for a retouch. Assuming she’s normally glazed to be between a neutral level 9 and level 10, by simply adding a splash of a cool level 8 to that formula, you can create a softer, more “sandy” tone. 

For more dimension, adding a level 7, 8, or even 9 lowlight with a golden beige undertone can create gentle dimension. The lowlight doesn’t need to be dark, but it can create a soft shadow and a difference in tone that adds a sandy look to the overall appearance.

Another option, on its own or combined with the techniques mentioned above, would be to create a more rooted highlight by glazing the root a softer, more neutral shade (think level 8 or 9 neutral/natural) and then glazing the remaining highlights with a soft gold or beige tone. Incorporating different levels and shades can create a gentle balance that lands in the sandy blonde family.

The Best Blonding Tools

When I use varying placements, shades, or tones, I prefer to utilize color-coded bowls, brushes, and bottles. Creating and applying a customized color design is where I want my mental energy to be focused. 

If you’re using different glazes or toners, or performing a root smudge and an all-over glaze, consider using the Product Club Applicator Bottles that have different colored caps This is a great trick for tracking glaze colors once they have been mixed. I use the bottle with a black cap for deeper colors, and the gray cap for lighter colors. The mini applicator bottles hold the perfect amount of color for root smudging!

I also love the Premier Collection Mixing Bowls. This set includes a white, gold, and silver bowl. They are the perfect trifecta for tracking when I’m creating dimensional blondes with varying tones and levels, because the colors of the bowls themselves correlate with the formula I’m using. 

The Premier Collection also features a feather bristle brush set. The feather bristles are amazing for creating seamless and soft applications, thanks to their tapered ends. Using corresponding bowls and brushes together keeps me on track with various formulas and helps me to easily identify what is in each bowl. 

The right tools, a variety of tones, and dimensional designs make sandy blonde one of the most fun hair colors to kick off the summer of 2023!

Three sections split up three different looks in this photo. The first section is a neutral tone, the middle section is a cool tone and the last section is a warm tone.
Amanda Lenz, Product Club Educator

Follow Amanda (@hairstorybyamanda) and Product Club (@productclub) for more expert tips on social media, salon ownership, and hair color education!

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