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Hair Color Techniques

The Freshest Shades for Spring - Peach Fuzz and Apricot Crush
By Amanda Lenz, Haircolor Expert and Product Club Educator (@hairbyamanda)

Sweet, sweet spring is finally here! The season change evokes feelings of warmth, lightness, and joy. For those of you who live somewhere without a cold winter - ride the wave of happiness with me anyway! This time of year brings many of us back to life creatively; inspiring change and freshness in our hair color formulations. The summer blonding process often begins now. Most clients leave paleness behind and trade it in for the soft hint of sun on their skin, and as the icier winter shades melt away, we embrace glowy, honey-kissed tones!

Soft rose-pink wavy hair showcasing gentle, fluffy waves with a subtle shine, perfectly embodying spring's refreshing color trends.

It’s Just Peachy!

Keeping with the soft, golden hue of spring and summer sunsets, this month we are embracing all shades of peach. The Pantone® 2024 color of the year is Peach Fuzz. This is such a fun undertone to include in the glazes, lowlights, and fantasy colors we are using this spring and summer season. The shade is described as a pastel blend of orange, yellow, pink, and white. This hue can be soft or prominent depending on its incorporation into hair color design.

Similarly, the beauty trend forecasting company, WGSN, has named Apricot Crush as the color of 2024. This color is in the same family as peach fuzz with a more neutral, tan undertone. Some versions may also contain a stronger orange hue. As fans of fruit colors know, the color depends on whether we are referencing the inside or outside of a fruit (think the inside of a banana versus the color of the peel) when highlighting.

Warm apricot tinted short hairstyle with smooth, flowing back and subtle volume, reflecting the soft glow of early spring sunshine.

Peachy Haircolor Expressions

How do these colors translate to hair color? The short answer is: any way you want them to. The long answer is: any way you want them to! As colorists, we have endless opportunities to incorporate color. The classic way to create a peach shade would be a double-process with a fantasy shade applied for a pure tone. Plus, there are finally some great options for peach in the fantasy shades currently on the market. Peach can sometimes toe the line between coral and orange cream, so finding the perfect match can be a challenge. The key is also applying it to a clean canvas! If the client’s existing or lifted level still has remaining warmth, a peach color can lean more toward apricot.

I love to create a shift in my blondes with a change in their glaze as the ultimate customizable top coat. This is a great way for clients to try more unique shades. A subtle, rosy gold glaze can give clients an option outside of the norm. We tend to keep our formulations within the category of either “warm or cool.” However, this versatile peach shade works on a variety of warm or cool skin tones and different eye colors. Super fun!

The Best Tools for Creative Haircolor

As always, a colorist is nothing without their tools. It’s obvious I’m a big Product Club fan, with over 16 years working and educating for this innovative brand. Sometimes I think we’ve seen it all. But recently, I fell in LOVE with the new Universal Brush Duo set! These unsung heroes are a pair of brushes that can literally do it all. Perfect bristle length, perfect bristle stiffness/softness, perfect finger grip, and a perfectly perfect sectioning end. One brush has traditional bristles, while the other has crimped, textured bristles. The traditional brush has firmness and flexibility and the textured one is great for softened applications within foils or pulling color through. They are just peachy for any color technique you decide to tackle when creating soft peach and apricot tones this spring and summer hair color season.

So go ahead and embrace the warm, fuzzy, glowy peach shades during these warmer months; you and your clients will be glad you did!

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