Join us for a trip down memory lane as we explore the history of Product Club. Many things have changed over the years but there’s one thing that we take great pride in…in twenty years, our commitment to providing the very best color accessories for colorists has remained unchanged. We thank you for your support of Product Club and look forward to many more years of making color more colorful!


Product Club is founded in May of this year. It all starts really as just a hobby. Eric Polesuk, founder and owner of Product Club is working as a civil engineer at this time for a large manufacturer of bleaching chemicals. He is selling bleaching chemicals to the paper & textile industry and also peroxide/developer to the beauty industry. This starts his connection and introduction to salons and also to manufacturers such as Zotos, Clairol and Loreal. At this same time, there is a shortage of gloves amongst the salon industry due to the AIDS crisis in the medical community. Polesuk has a contact for disposable vinyl gloves and begins to market them primarily to the beauty industry. He starts a corporation under Product Club to allow for expansion into a wide variety of products not knowing what the future might hold.


In the Fall of 1998, the “Handy Dandy” Disposable Vinyl glove is launched. Salons are also starting to inquire about additional products including foil that is cut to the right size for haircoloring services and Polesuk begins offering Smooth Pre-Cut Foil in Silver & Colors to salons. Colored foil wasn’t really a consideration for most colorists at this time so this was considered to be quite an innovative. Dimensional haircoloring using multiple formulas became increasingly popular and Product Club was really ahead of its time by introducing the concept of tracking formulations with different colored foil.


Salons are starting to inquire about additional foil products and it seems there is a demand for roll foil. In the summer of 1999, Smooth Roll Foil in Silver & Colors is added to Product Club’s offerings. The rolls are available in a 5”x725’ size or what was considered a 2 ½ lb. roll.


Product Club’s brand identity is developed and launched this year. It’s the first time that a company in this category considered that the products shouldn’t look like something that should be hidden in a drawer. The packaging with bold, bright colors and large words become the signature of the brand.


This marks the year that was the birth of the Ready to Use, Pop-Up Foil 500ct Silver. It changed the industry forever and would become Product Club’s #1 product. The foil was pre-cut to 5”x11” sheets and loaded into a convenient dispenser box. It was designed to be the perfect size and weight for the majority of haircolor applications and saved colorist time. Also this year was the introduction of jetBlack Disposable Vinyl Gloves. These gloves had several features that made them an instant favorite… the extra cuff length that is 3” longer than standard gloves helped protect colorists clothing and jewelry and the black color hides stains.


Product Club adds Processing & Tipping Caps & Nitrile Gloves to mix.


Ready to Use, Pop-Up Foil in Colors, Pre-Cut Embossed Foil in Silver & Colors, Foil Boards, Foil Dispensers.


Up until this point, the focus of new product introductions was on foil and gloves for the most part. From customer feedback, it was clear that there was a huge opportunity for high-quality, innovative tools. This was the year that Product Club started to transform what was commonly referred to as “Sundries” to “Color Accessories”. The 2-in-1 Color Brushes, Disposable Eyeglass Guards, Hand-Held Mixer, Multi-Alert Digital Timer & Digital Color Scale were all introduced this year. Disposable Capes & jetBlack Reusable Latex Gloves were also added to the products offered. Product Club debuts 400 sq. ft. pavilion at the ISSE Show in Long Beach, CA.


A few more new products are introduced including the ColorWhip Electric Mixer, Thermal Colour Wraps, Ergo & Precision Color Brushes & a Triple Color Timer.


Product Club introduces its first collection of DVDs…Beyond Basic Foiling. Three DVDs each with 2 techniques helped Product Club become known as a leader in haircolor education. Other products added this year included…Jaws Sectioning Clips, Highlighting Needles, Carbon Combs, Tube Squeezer, Tube Key, ColorWhip Mixing Bowls, & Measuring Beaker.


Product Club’s Education Program becomes a key factor in setting the company apart from the competition. Hands-on classes with distributor partners are growing at a rapid pace and over 40 are hosted this year. The education team grows to 15 members and is stronger than ever. Two more DVDs are introduced… Beyond Basic Foiling Volume 4 & iFoil in Color Volume 1. A brand new website is launched this year with an upscale look and many new features including an Educator Blog, Distributor Finder and more. Product Club also offers its first Webinar with Patrick McIvor and Adrienne Rogers in a cooperative project with Modern Salon. New products launched this year included Chair Back Covers, Breast Cancer Awareness Foil & Go Wild Jungle Foil.


Product Club continues to build brand awareness through National Trade Advertising and this year launches a campaign titled, “Accessorize your Color” that features products in the environment of the station and dispensary. It was designed to continue to communicate the company’s philosophy of helping colorists be more efficient and professional. The Join the Club program which helps to communicate new product introductions, promotions and educational happenings to salons is up to over 4,000 members. New product introductions include The TechTrack Client Record Card System, Great Grip Spatula, Whisk & Station/Tray Mat, Caps on a Roll, Highlighting Papers & Breast Cancer Awareness Foil.


Happy Anniversary Product Club. Celebrating 20 Years of Making Color More Colorful!


New techniques from Highlighting Between the Lines are an instant success. A complete line of Balayage Tools are launched just as the balayage boom begins.


Burmax Company, a leading provider of sundries to beauty schools and beauty supply stores since 1948, acquires Product Club. Burmax is committed to continuing to grow the brand and provide colorists with new and innovative tools while expanding the industry’s premier educational offerings. Through the school network, Burmax will be able to gain direct access to expose the Product Club brand to future colorists. This year also features and upgraded show booth, doubling the size of Product Club’s presence at all the major trade shows. This year also marks the launch of a brand new DVD Collection, Blueprint Highlighting, as well as many other new products, including Balayage Clips & Painting Palettes, the Feather Bristle, Extra Wide, and Angled Color Brushes, and Salon Apparel.


Celebrating 25 Years of Products Colorists Trust, Innovation they Expect, and Education that Inspires!