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Highlighting Between the Lines – Balayage – ADVANCED

Balayage is one of the most popular techniques and our Celestial Color method is perfect for making the ordinary blonde extraordinary.  There are a lot of ways to utilize balayage, and Product Club’s Artistic Team will help define the different uses of this art.  You will learn the basics of the balayage techniques and how it can make brunettes sparkle with dimension, and redheads radiant with coppery and strawberry accents.  Color panels, hair painting, streams of color, and using balayage in color correction will be addressed.  Understanding head shape, texture, and point of origin will allow you to bring these techniques to your clients with confidence and artistry.

Kit includes:

• Highlighting Between the Lines DVD – Vol. 3
• Debra Manikin
• Balayage Paddles – 2 ct.
• Balayage Film- 12″ 500 ft. roll
• jetBlack® Disposable Vinyl Gloves Medium – 2 ct.
• Disposable Apron – 1 ct.
• Mixing Bowl – 1 ct.
• Carbon Pin Tail Comb – 1 ct.
• Jaws Sectioning Clips – 4 ct.
• Balayage Brushes – 2 ct.