Portfolio of Classes

Highlighting Between the LinesIntermediate/Advanced

Many colorists find themselves using the same basic formulations and the same application techniques on all of their clients, resulting in predictable, but not necessarily optimal, color.  We believe that you can only really grow as a colorist when you offer your clients truly individualized color and style.  It’s really a different way of saying, “Don’t think outside the box… think like there is no box at all!”  The techniques presented in these classes will be adaptations of Corrugated Color & Flash Forward.  Corrugated Color incorporates soft, veil-like highlights with stronger ribbons for a natural look.  Flash Forward allows for strong color placement without the results being too heavy.  This class will help guide colorists toward new ways of thinking about the application of color and open up their creativity to explore innovative techniques.

Kit includes:

• Highlighting Between the Lines DVD- Vol. 1
• Debra Manikin Head
• Variety Color Brushes- 3 ct.
• Foil/Balayage Boards- 2 ct.
• Ready to Use Pop-Up Foil: 5″ x 11” – 50 ct
• AloeEssence™ Vinyl Gloves Medium- 2 ct.
• jetBlack® Disposable Vinyl Gloves Medium – 2 ct.
• Thermal Color Wraps- 30 ct.
• Mixing Bowl- 1 ct.
• Jaws Sectioning Clips – 4 ct.
• Carbon Rat Tail Comb – 1 ct.
• Disposable Apron- 1 ct.